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Italian start-ups


  • Innovation managers in companies

    Companies through ITS have access to “open” innovation while remaining competitive in the market, improve their knowledge, technologies, and experiences present in emerging companies.

  • Portfolio Managers of Funds, Ventures, M&A Advisors and Accelerators

    Private and institutional players can select and compare the best target initiatives through objective assessments, risk, and time reduction, thanks to an independent audit.

  • Purchasing managers

    Purchasing Managers have a platform that allows an objective, traceable and rapid evaluation of the target startups.

  • Risk and Bank Credit Managers

    To Risk Managers, ITS can help with the assessment and selection of company shareholdings. Bank Credit Managers can access timely and specific data for creditworthiness assessment for innovative companies’ financing.

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Through ITS I had the opportunity to get in touch with several corporate companies and conclude with remarkably interesting agreements. Being selected and qualified before contact made the interactions targeted and quick in the discussion on business issues


ITS is a unique database focused on innovative initiatives present in Italy. We use it constantly to find the most suitable solutions to our needs, both organizational and business. To date, more than 10 projects have been successfully managed by the group thanks to ITS.

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