We accelerate and simplify the connection, knowledge, and collaboration between corporate companies and innovative initiatives

Innovation Tracking System is the reference platform for startups, corporations, SMEs, Accelerators and VC’s Funds

The purpose of ITS is to make a personalized quality matching between innovative companies and corporate companies

ITS maps classify and compare around 20,000 innovative companies in Italy, each qualified by technology, application areas, and reference business sectors.


Innovative initiatives


POC achieved


Business generated


Through ITS I had the opportunity to get in touch with several corporate companies and conclude with remarkably interesting agreements. Being selected and qualified before contact made the interactions targeted and quick in the discussion on business issues


ITS is a unique database focused on innovative initiatives present in Italy. We use it constantly to find the most suitable solutions to our needs, both organizational and business. To date, more than 10 projects have been successfully managed by the group thanks to ITS.

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